Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle testing is very familiar method among the Non-Destructive Testing methods. This testing is used to detect the defects at both surface and sub-surface of the component. This method is done on the components like welding, piping, castings and other manufacturing components.

This method is followed by the principle called magnetic flux leakage. In this method as the name itself indicates magnetic the component has to be magnetized and the part were the defects has been raised the flux gets leaked from the own paths which is magnetic flux leakage. In this method we need to magnetize the component through direct or indirect method.

By magnetizing the material, it creates the magnetic field in the component and were the defect has been raised these field deviates its path and this deviation is been inspected by applying the magnetic particle upon the components. This forms a shape of the defect upon the surface of the component.

The types of defects that we can detect in this method is smooth cracks, rough cracks, lack of penetration, blow holes.