Radiographic Testing

Radiographic testing is a prominent method among the Non-Destructive Testing methods. This is used to detect the defects that are hidden or defects at the inner components. Radiographic Testing is very essential method in piping. This test is also used in aerospace industries, manufacturing industries etc.

This method is done by the principle called Differential Absorption of Radiation. There are many types of radiations but among all those radiation we use X-rays and Gamma rays. As they have enough frequency and intensity to enter into the component. In this method the radiation are make to fall on the films thorough the testing component which makes to detect the defects in the component.

As everyone knows radiations are more harmful to the human and other living being. But by following proper precaution and accurate calculation we can completely restrict the radiation by entering into our body. And the results in this method are permanent which makes the method unique by its own way.

The types of defects that we can detect in this method is smooth cracks, rough cracks, lack of penetration, blow holes, lack of fusion, slag, lack of penetration, undercut, overlap etc.