Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is important method among the Non-Destructive Testing methods. This is used to detect the defects that are hidden and sensitive in the inner components. This test is also used in aerospace industries, manufacturing industries etc.

The principle used in this method is Acoustic Impedance Mismatch. As we know there are many forms of sound but we use Ultrasonic because they do have enough energy to absorb into the material.

The ultrasonic wave gets reflected at the place of the defects. These defects are detected by form of echo in the ultrasonic flaw detector screen.

This method is very familiar to detect the defects in more depth i.e. up to 6 meters. Hence, we can detect the defects on any manufacturing components by inserting the ultrasonic waves into the component by using transducers. There are different types of transducers used according to the type of the component. We can make both longitudinal and transverse wave form of ultrasonic into the component.

In this method we can identify any type of discontinuities in the component and can locate the exact position of the defect in the component.