July 20, 2017

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Best NDT Training Institute in Vijayawada – Non Destructive Testing Courses and Training

Vijayawada being a capital of Andhra Pradesh, It possesses an enormous amount of opportunities in the field of NDT. The NDT training institutes in Vijayawada were growing largely by providing fabulous support to the engineering students of new capital. VIDAL NDT institute in Vijayawada became a prominent institute of all NDT training institutes. As a…

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What After Mechanical Engineering – Non Destructive Testing Jobs

As we know that Mechanical Engineering program deals with the concepts of designing, manufacturing, and working of machines and equipment’s, components of machines and their design, concepts of physics etc. As an outcome, students will explore the subjects focusing on machines, such as- Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machines etc. Basically, students can opt for technical…


Why NDT is Best for Future When Compared to Other Fields in Mechanical Field?

A large percentage of students coming out of the college doesn’t have any idea on their future. Many are unaware of the opportunities that are right in front of them. Basically, most people are not aware of Non-destructive testing in this current era but its impact is everywhere, in the buildings where we work, the…

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Why Companies Prefer Recruiting Vidal NDT Students?

As you know in Vidal vision statement we clearly mention that we are eminence grise in training, consulting, certification, and services by world class industry oriented training, empowerment programs, and customized services to the clients. Our mission is to transform the student into technically most reliable engineer who can endeavor in their careers in the…

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How Studying in Vidal NDT is Different from Other Institutes?

Vidal NDT is known for its word class features where it differs from other institutes in the NDT market. Here are some of its features which make Vidal’s portfolio differ from others. Vidal’s Knowledge Accumulators: Vidal has its proud presence of faculty members who are experts in Industrial processes mainly in NDT core sector. Vidal’s…