Vidal Steps

STEP -1 (Class Room Theoretical Training)

Well experienced trainers deal with the students and the training process happens in the most effective way. The classroom training will be done by showing presentations, animations, videos and many more.

STEP -2 (Class Room Practical Training)

Our institute is well equipped with world class infrastructure required for practical sessions on all the courses and main objective of this course is to guide and familiarize our students with various practical equipment’s and machineries used in the industry.

STEP -3 (Industrial visits)

VIDAL NDT provides Industrial visits to a student so that he gets an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, internal working methods and market practices and we made it as a part of curriculum.

STEP -4 (Internships)

Internship is an amazing learning experience and can be a great resource for references. And one of the predicaments that a student is facing now a day after the training is completed is the lack of pertinent experience. The student is generally considered as a fresher. Hence, our goal is to provide real world, thought-provoking internships to the students in various manufacturing companies.

STEP -5 (Refresher training)

The students who didn’t got placed in the internship company we will bring the students back to the institute and provide them refresher training in the points which they are lacked into and the training will be done until they acquired the enough skills for going to the job.

STEP -6 (Final job offers and placements)

Once they successfully complete training, industrial visits, internships and exams the student will be provided final job offers and placements in placement drive which conducted by us or we may send the student directly to the companies.